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Goth Pirate Tricorn ( steampunk, black, hat )

Goth Pirate Tricorn

Handmade Materials: feathers, synthetic felt, satin, faux roses Made to order Feedback: 8 reviews Ships worldwide from Germany Click here to view original web page…

Baroque Wig (Goth, Rococo, Vampire, Black, Marie Antoinette, Headdress )

Baroque Wig

Sometimes, you get to walk the extra mile to express your originality. This headpiece is certainly not for everybody. But are you everybody? Handmade Materials:…

Killer boots

Boots to shine through the night! Demonia Ladies BootsBoots   Demonia Ladies  

Grace Mini Dress

This is a dress to conquer the night…   Grace mini dress

Unif Salem Boots

These boots are definitively made to walk all over you! Salem Boot

Pregnant woman with a gothic maternity dress

Goth Maternity Dress

Because being pregnant should not be a curse to make us look like our grannies! This pregnacy dress is perfect for the dark mom to…