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Maternity T-shirt

A nice way to present your pregnancy. Maternity t-shirt

Skull Diaper Backpack

Who says parenthood need to be colorfull and joyful?   Skull diaper backpack

The Horror Collection

The perfect set for someone who loves its classics. The Horror Collection by Barnes and Noble,includes H.P.Lovecraft Complete Fiction, The Complete Edgar Allen Poe, Anne…

Dracula and Other Horror Classics

This books does not only presents with the classic of classic in vampire litterature, but also other horror stories by Bram Stoker.   Dracula and…

Anne Rice: The Vampire Chronicles

This leather edition include Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned, all beatifully packaged Anne Rice: The Vampire Chronicles

Bleeding Skull Candle

Nothing better to light your autumn or summer storm night… Bleeding Skull Candle

Zombie Glass Decanter

Fill it with 27 ox of your favorite beverage and enjoy your zombification…   Zombie Glass Decanter

Killer boots

Boots to shine through the night! Demonia Ladies BootsBoots   Demonia Ladies  

Grace Mini Dress

This is a dress to conquer the night…   Grace mini dress