5 great (and cheap) home decoration ideas for Halloween

Bats Halloween Decals


One can’t be wrong with bats. Small bats, big bats, bats everywhere.

Poison Bottle Label


Can’t wait to poison your friends? For next to nothing, you can download, print and stick those gorgeous labels on the bottle of your favorite poison!

Find those poison bottle labels on Etsy.

Scary Tree Halloween Wall Decal

Nothing tells classic cartoonish horror like the shadow of a scary tree.


Find this scary tree on Etsy.

Light and Shadows Halloween decoration


Flickering lights may put an impressive show.

Find it on Etsy.

Blood Spalsh Wall Halloween Decal


Real blood can be messy and loose his color real fast while drying. So those fake blood wall decal may just do the trick. Welcome to the murder house!

Find Blood Splash on Etsy.

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