Penny Dreadful Finale Recap: The Finale Countdown

Penny Dreadful Finale Recap: The Finale Countdown

Big spoilers ahead.

I always thought Vanessa deserves to go to the light. She’s been in too much pain and, deep down, her faith is too strong. It was great to have those three years to explore the character in so many dimensions. I gave so much of my heart, my guts to this character. Yeah, I feel quite sad. I don’t know what to say.

Folks, that’s not me conveying an interior monologue in italics. That’s a quote from Eva Green discussing the demise of her martyred heroine in a video that was quietly slipped onto PennyDreadful’s official YouTube channel (and has mysteriously now been set to private *plot thickens*) following Showtime’s broadcast of what we’d been led to believe was the season finale.


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