Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy’s Fondly Remembers His First Trip to Phoenix

Bauhaus' Peter Murphy's Fondly Remembers His First Trip to Phoenix

The year is 1983. Punk is dead, and the undead appears to be on the minds of many post-punk ingénues and avant-garde crowds alike.

Nowhere did the dark light shine more forebodingly than in Tony Scott’s campy erotic horror cult film The Hunger, which starred David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. The opening scene featured an enigmatic singer clutching the bars of a cage in a scene that is part music video and part bizarre montage.

His baritone voice seemed to beckon the late-night, hip audience of would-be vampire victims into a near-hypnotic state as he chanted “Bela Lugosi’s dead.” The scene debuted to the world the face of goth rock.

The singer was Peter Murphy.


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