CTHULHU Victorian Gothic Decor

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☆ Original collages based on vintage engravings
☆ Printed on genuine antique English dictionary pages
☆ Excellent print quality: high sharpness, strong vivid colors, deep blacks
☆ Signed by the artist on the reverse
☆ Standard Size: 8″ x 10.8″ inches (205 mm x 275 mm)
☆ Frames are not included

I upcycle only genuine antique dictionaries from the 1800’s and early 1900’s (not vintage books from the 1950’s.) Pages, carefully selected and removed from the antique book have warm golden tone that gives them that special charm and makes perfect background for the illustrations digitally printed directly on the page.

The actual page you will receive won’t be the exact one shown in the picture – the text will be different. Pages, often 150 years old, may have minor imperfections, such as spots, corner bends, uneven printing, etc. It adds to the charm! Each creation is unique, no two pages are alike, but If you order more than one, your prints will all be from the same book so you’ll have a wonderful set that will look great on your wall.