Get ready to party… Goth style

Get ready to party... Goth style

To our Myanmar goth friends, we are here for you.

On July 11, Operation Dracula will descend on Pansodan Scene. No – not the codenamed Operation Dracula that saw Allies evict Japan from Rangoon in 1945. The so-called “dark wave and Gothic party” will bring together children of the night for an evening of electronic and experimental underground music.

“Goths usually hide from daylight alone in their rooms or crevices,” said a senior member of the Committee for the Protection of Dark Wave and Gothic Music, who wished to remain anonymous. “They need a niche event where they can socialise in a protected environment, and engage in physical activity. And the standard workout for goths is dancing.”

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first party of its kind in Myanmar,” said the organiser. “Yangon has great punk, hard rock and heavy metal scenes, but several very knowledgeable people assured us that they have never heard dark wave and gothic music being played in this country.”


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