The Mourning Light of “Dark Sanctuary”

The Mourning Light of "Dark Sanctuary"

Dark Sanctuary is a French ethereal, “dark atmospheric” band, formed in 1996. Musically, their sound is a mesh of neoclassical orchestrations and poetic balladry, with vocals delivered in an operatic style.

Their subject matter ranges from variations of old wive’s tales, to the fan-fiction of popular folklore and historical religious scripture.

Although Dark Sanctuary has been described as melancholic, morose or gloomy, a deeper examination and understanding of their tristeful creations unveils something more — a musical and poetic itinerary for a journey into the darker aspects of the human condition, inciting contemplation and inflaming emotion.


In 2008, Dark Sanctuary released their latest album to date. Simply titled “Dark Sanctuary”, the project is a 12-song production which accompanies a book of artwork by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, each illustration inspired by and dedicated to the music respectively.


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