Protest: Does “Penny Dreadful” Really Belong to Eva Green?

Protest: Does “Penny Dreadful” Really Belong to Eva Green?

Penny Dreadful aigain. It’s not gonna stop.

When Showtime’s deliciously sensual and morbidly horrifying cult show “Penny Dreadful” returned for a second season in May, Entertainment Weekly made the statement, “’Penny Dreadful’ belongs to Eva Green.” It was a bold statement. So I’m here, a month later, to make an even bolder statement. “’Penny Dreadful’ belongs to Billie Piper.”

Don’t get me wrong, please don’t misunderstand: Eva Green is a rare gem, a magnificent sight to watch and not just because she’s basically the most beautiful woman on earth, but because she commands the screen and those sitting on the other side of it. But there’s someone else who lurked in the background of season one who’s pushed her way through to the foreground in season two as a major player and a driving force behind all that is emotional, beautiful, innocent, terrifying, and puzzling about “Penny Dreadful.”

Brona Croft.


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