Black/Red Striped Corset Steampunk Burlesque Pinup

Meschantes Ready to Wear Black/Red Striped Corset Your Size Steam Punk Burlesque Pinup

Meschantes Black/Red Striped Corset Your Size Steam punk Burlesque Pinup

This listing is for a Ready to Wear Contessa corset created with a striking Black/Red striped brocade. This corset is ideal both as an undergarment or a finished bodice when paired with a skirt or pants and is guaranteed to give you that nice hourglass shape.

Our corsets are not mass-produced overseas in foreign sweat shops. Each corset is individually crafted in the heart of North Carolina. At Meschantes Couture we build our corsets using only high quality, durable materials and construction methods. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring each corset is of excellent quality.

Our corsets are designed using 2 layers of sturdy cotton in a complementing color and we use a combination of 20+ spring steel and spiral steel bones which are ideal for providing support while maintaining mobility and flexibility of the torso. Triple reinforced stitching and durable twill tape at the waist adds extra reinforcement for the longevity of the garment and superior waist control. Our solidly reinforced corsets are not the flimsy cookie-cutter “corsets” you see elsewhere. Each piece is engineered to withstand years of enjoyment (even for tightlacers). This corset will easily and comfortably train the waist down 4″-6″ and laces up in back with grommets (which are much stronger than eyelets) and our back modesty panel which is standard.


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