Dracula Untold, Dracula undying, Dracula overdone?

Dracula Untold, Dracula undying, Dracula overdone?

A wide and interresting take about the Dracula myth.

We’re going to watch the talented and lovely Luke Evans wrestling with his dark side. Furthermore, Dracula Untold has a solid supporting cast moving through an acutely macabre period setting, and Dominic Cooper and Sarah Gadon are in the mix alongside Charles Dance as the vampiric Emperor Caligula. (Really, any film that has Charles Dance as Vampire Caligula is surely worth seeing for that alone.)

With supernatural shenanigans going down – enter Baba Yaga and gypsy magic – and visual effects rendering a vivid picture of an ancient world gripped in warfare and fantastical action, Dracula Untold is an alluring entity. Even more than the promise of Charles Dance as Vampire Caligula, however, it’s the premise that is probably the most powerful draw. Dracula Untold: what secrets are yet to be shared? What do we not yet know about a literary legend whose name resonates through the ages?


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