Belonging to The Underworld. Onyx.

Belonging to The Underworld. Onyx.

Some pieces we present here simply take our breath away. There is no cheap counterpart to an underworld marvel like this onyx ring.

Inspired by my ‘Belonging to The Darkness” ring series which embodies themes from the Persephone myth, this ring is a smaller, taller version.

This ring is akin to an “engagement” ring, created in homage to the goddess Persephone, wife of Hades, and Queen of the Underworld. Personally, it represents a way of showing a commitment, a belonging to something or someone, an idea, a specific period of time in your life, an emotion, and more potently; the notion of belonging to yourself. This ring can also symbolize elements / aspects / memories that we are looking to let go of but still want represented in our lives, as such is the complex nature of the Persephone myth.

Much like its larger counterpart, this ring is comprised of an antique setting manipulated with my beloved sparrow claws grasping each side. A stunning, 8mm rose cut, domed onyx has been set in the ring, acting as the precious jewel the claws are cradling / guarding.

Onyx is a natural gemstone that has been used in jewelry and other objects as far back as ancient Egypt and is even mentioned in the book of Revelation as being part of ceremonial wear. As a talisman, onyx is a powerful stone for emotionally sensitive people. It helps to reduce negative feelings, literally acting as a psychic armor against other people’s negative energy, as well as help its wearer let go of more deep rooted emotions such as grief or sorrow over the past. It is also worn as a protective, guiding stone during meditation and dreams, sharpening the mind to focus on details, as well as to align the body and spirit to achieve a higher, more peaceful state of consciousness.

Onyx feels like the most fitting stone for this ring, representing the dark aspects of Persephone as she is in the underworld, the darkest moon, and the personal acceptance of ones own strange darkness.

This ring is entirely cast in sterling silver & hand darkened to achieve my signature shade of gloomy gray. It is then lightly polished to highlight the amazing details and sealed.


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