Steampunk “Clockwork Summoner” Brass Skeleton Hand Bracelet / Finger Rings – Clockwork Monster Eye Jewelry

Restore function to an injured or artificial arm with this exo-skeletal appendage, fuses to the skeleton in a process featuring the finest in Imperial restoration technology for the soldier or sailor, or use it on a functional arm for crushing strength or to open the rift to summon the power of the old ones to your aid! ~

This unique piece of metal features a full hand ring and bracelet, designed to look the bones of the hand, in a golden brass and tin alloy metal. The metal pieces are bound together by clear stretch cord, and the bracelet stretches to accommodate about a 5″-7″ wrist size, and is made up of 8 metal bone beads. The center part of the hand features a large textured bone plate piece, decorated with a hand pieced leather and an assemblage of silver and brass antique and vintage clock parts to resemble a functioning clockworks designed to drive the hand, with a red and orange monster eye centered in the leather. Each finger is made up of two connected metal bone beads, with fully adjustable rings at the end of each. Second finger from the right features tiny silver and brass clockworks, and gears and wire leading back to the hand.

The piece measures overall across the fingers and hands about 4 1/2″ inches, fingers are varying lengths from 2 1/2″ – 3 1/2″ inches. Designed to be worn on the left hand as shown, be sure to measure your wrist around the base of the hand to make sure it fits!
Should always be put on bracelet first to avoid overstressing the elastic string in the finger joints!

Find it on Etsy.

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