Ten things you should know about HP Lovecraft

Ten things you should know about HP Lovecraft

I don’t like those «10 things» article and the rest of the SEO plague, but this one is about Lovecraft.

7. He suffered night terrors

No, not nightmares: HP Lovecraft began experiencing the parasomnia ‘night terrors’ from the age of six. Night terrors cause the sufferer to physically move or scream to escape waking dreams, and are estimated to affect 3% of adults. HP dreamed of what he called “nightgaunts” which later appeared in his books as thin, black, and faceless humanoids that tickle their victims into submission.

I am essentially a recluse who will have very little to do with people wherever he may be. I think that most people only make me nervous – that only by accident, and in extremely small quantities, would I ever be likely to come across people who wouldn’t.


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