How To Dress Punk As An Adult: 5 Simple Rules For Bringing Your Rebellious Days To The Workplace

How To Dress Punk As An Adult: 5 Simple Rules For Bringing Your Rebellious Days To The Workplace

When I first heard the sweet sound of Rancid at the ripe old age of 12, I was instantly hooked. I spent my entire allowance at Newbury Comics; I listened to all their albums in one night. I related instantly  to the lyrics “When I got the music, I got a place to go!” Soon, I was in the depths of hardcore and punk rock music, happily stumbling upon more gory, goth-like, bands like TSOL and 45 Grave. I will not lie, if Pantera is up for grabs at karaoke? I’m already on stage. My parents supported my punk/goth/metal habit even when I shaved my eyebrows off and began drawing them on in clever shapes. When I decided to only wear a red wig, my mother told me fine, but I still needed to keep up with my hair relaxers. However, it was no surprise to me that when I entered the workforce that my fashion needed a slight alteration.

Rule No. 1: Subtle Jewelry

My tiny pentagram earrings often go unnoticed in corporate meetings and on dinner dates. It’s like having a tiny adorable secret on my ears that only I know about. Bonus: It attracts the folks I really want to get to know IN the office and out. If pentagrams aren’t your thing, keep things casual and ditch jewelry that will bring too much attention. A subtle ring or necklace will keep HR (Human Resources, not lead singer of the Bad Brains) off of your back. (Secretly? I say fuck ‘em!)

Rule No. 4: Black is Beautiful

If you live in NYC, it’s fairly easy to get away with wearing all-black without any stares. I had been getting away with tight black pencil skirts, black shirts, and black ankle boots for years until I moved to Oregon. If I had a spell for everyone who asked me if I was going to a funeral… Embrace that (non)color staple from your youth: It’s classic, timeless, and looks good on just about everyone. A simple black dress is right for every office occasion, and you can add colorful glasses or a funky color to lighten up the darkness.


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