Belonging to the darkness. Sterling silver & black CZ

This ring is one of my personal favorite since the beginning of Darkfinds.

This ring is a play on both the Persephone ring and the Lydia ring, converging dark romance with perfect casts of sparrow claws. Here, this ring represents a kind of “engagement” ring and I was certainly thinking of Lady Persephone of myth, belonging to Hades, lord of the Underworld / afterlife. For me personally, it represents a way of showing a commitment, a belonging to something or someone, an idea or a time or even an emotion, perhaps even if these are things that we are looking to let go of but still want represented somehow in our lives.

This ring is comprised of an antique setting manipulated with my beloved sparrow claws grasping each side. An inverted black CZ has been set in the ring as another visual layer; representing a temple or pyramid, a place of worship and devotion. This ring reads a little smaller on the hand than many of my other designs, making it suitable for everyday wear while still making a statement.

This version is cast in sterling silver, hand darkened to achieve my signature shade of gloomy gray and then highlighted so the darkness recedes in the details. The black CZ reflects the light and is faceted, adding another textural element to the ring, modern lines against the high detail of the setting and sparrow claws.

This ring is an eyelash over an inch wide and an inch tall, standing half an inch off the finger.


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