Luxe Ornate Special Occasion Steampunk Clockwork Necklace

il_570xN.367836682_1u2eil_570xN.368002822_eunbHigh Fashion Steampunk Necklace Pocket Watch Necklace Ornate Special Occasion Silver Chain Body Jewelry Industrial Necklace Handmade by Compass Rose Design

This elegant statement Steampunk necklace is made with six extremely high quality antique pocket watch movements set on silver filigree backings. Each watch has beautiful etching and design patterns. These watch has been impeccably maintained for more than a century. You’ll feel beautiful wearing this statement necklace 🙂 This necklace is a bold statement piece, but well balanced and feels wonderful to wear with it’s adjustable hook closure. Feel the presence of the ages when you wear this one of a kind creation. The pocket watches in this necklace date between 1895 and 1939.

*photo: Kingmond Young Photography; model: Lauren Lee Robinson; Hair & Makeup: Lili Surplus
* this listing is for the silver clockwork necklace. The key necklace and earrings shown in the model photo are not included with purchase.

The Victorian era was a bridge between old traditions and new technologies. At the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert received the first mechanical keyless wind watches, making pocket watches and watch fobs popular for both men and women until the mid 20th century. While pocket watches had been worn for more than a century, wrist watches were introduced around 1900, called “wristlets” were introduced, in part because of the development of a more affordable jewel bearings production process, which made smaller, more accurate watches possible. Assumed to be a passing fad, wrist watches caught on and were most popular in the 1920s and 1930s, which is why most of the watches I work with are Art Deco from this period. An emblem of a past era of craftsmanship, these mechanical watches have real or synthetic jewel bearings, originally made with ruby, garnet, diamond, and sapphire. Many watches have the name of the watch maker, intricate tooling or design work, seen only when the watch was repaired, cleaned, and maintained. Wear History!


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