European Gothics embrace the idea of unconditional love

Looks like every goths are not Satanists, after all. A very pious piece of reading, maybe more about the lack of father figure than «unconditional love».

These particular Goths were part of a movement that had originated in the clubs of Berlin and swept across every major European city. They had discovered a shared purpose and affinity that transcended their cultural identity and they called themselves “The Jesus Freaks!” I was invited by their leadership team (all of them young, fully fledged Goths) and presented with their problem. It was explained to me that none of their members, including their leaders, had fathers, or strong paternal role models. Indeed, their experience of fatherhood was so clouded that it was distorting their capacity to experience the love of God.Droll British humor is on display in Edward St. Aubyn’s “Lost for Words.” Dee Woods, of Old Greenwich, who said she was in her 70s, plays pickleball during the Town of Greenwich Parks & Recreation Department ceremony for the re-opening of the resurfaced Christiano tennis courts that were also […]


photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc

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