Review: Shaw delivers a tense, terrific Cabaret 0

Review: Shaw delivers a tense, terrific Cabaret  0

Perhaps, after all those Oscars and Tonys and Broadway revivals, there’s nothing new to find in Cabaret.

Perhaps, as the Shaw Festival’s first crack at the classic indicates, it’s about further exploring the horror within. What was already a potent musical has become that much creepier and unnerving in this long-awaited production which opened Saturday night at the Festival Theatre.

Director Peter Hinton, who did the gorgeously-staged Lady Windermere’s Fan last season, hits you with a jaw-dropping visual right away as you enter the theatre. The curtain is up, and on the stage is a spiraling, metallic structure like something out of a medieval-themed Saw movie. The denizens of Berlin’s seedy Kit Kat Klub are already hanging around, eyeing the audience as they take their seats.


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