Gothic Burlesque Ostrich Feather Headdress Tiara Coronet Kokoshnik

‘Elodie’ — Gothic Burlesque Black Lace & Red Ostrich Feather Headdress.

She was the girl with the yo-yo’s, jump-ropes, and hacky-sacks, always ready to play and to entertain! As a girl, she always wore tu-tu’s and colorful, edible necklaces, but as an adult she traded in the candy for sequins and the tu-tu’s for hot-pants and tambourines! Red and Black Gothic Burlesque Ostrich Feather Headdress Tiara Coronet Kokoshnikil_570xN.598512439_4aqc‘Elodie’ is made on a wide, black satin-covered headband with a beautifully delicate black lace applique on a black, Duchess satin-covered base that has been embellished by hand with red and black glass and acrylic sequins. It features a large, ruby-red acrylic sequin in the center, haloed by fans of sequin-embelleished red ostrich feathers.As this piece is designed to be a keepsake or special occasion treasure, it is made with careful attention to detail, finishing, and durability, as well as fit and comfort. It measures 30 cm from base to center ostrich tip, and spans 30 cm from side to side. The headband is one-size-fits-all.Custom color requests are welcomed, though the colors available in this exact pattern of lace may be limited.Hand-crafted by Christine Rice for Hexotica in Melbourne, Australia.


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