Gothic Glassware: Gears of Progress Shot Glass

Gothic Glassware: Gears of Progress Shot Glass Alchemy Alternative Lifestyle

Every respectable, pioneering-minded gentleman of the new age of progress should raise a toast to The Empire with just such a noble jigger.


Deco Gothique’ is the latest development from Alchemy Studios’ creative minds; a unique fusion between the exotic, classic 1920’s vintage paradigm and the dark recesses of cognitive morbidity. Now, Alchemy 1977, the UK’s all-round alternative lifestyle couturier, offers you its experienced creative craftsmanship and a much enhanced choice to assist you to refine and indulge your own personal tastes.

All Alchemy glassware is subject to our repair service. Specified crystal colors are subject to availablity, and may be subsituted. This glass item is traditionally hand-blown. Minor flaws and imperfections are a feature which naturally enhance the beauty of the glass.


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