Raising Babybats, or being a Gothy Parent on Gothic Charm School

However, for the majority of the spooky creatures of the night, being a Goth means more than just clubs, parties, and eccentric clothing. (Though the Lady of the Manners is fond of all those things, and is rather infamously devoted to the “eccentric clothing” part of it.) Being a Goth means that you have an appreciation for the beauty that can be found in darkness or decay; that you have a healthy sense of the absurd, an appreciation for whimsy, and are not afraid to be your own person. In the Lady of the Manners’ eyes, those seem like very good qualities for a parent to have, too.

Of course, becoming a parent does require some changes to your spooky lifestyle. Going out to Goth Night at the local club can’t be quite as spur-of-the-moment as it might have once been, with the arranging for babysitters and whatnot. Not to mention, as the Lady of the Manners has learned from friends who are parents, wrangling babybats is tiring, to put it mildly. Some days, finding the energy to do more than flop on the couch and stare into space is an insurmountable obstacle. Does that mean you need to wave goodbye to your social life? Don’t be silly. It just means that the focus of your social life will probably shift more to the “evenings at home with friends” side of things, with Going Out being something that is done less frequently.


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