Encyclopedia Gothica [Kindle Edition]

No one can put a piece of black attire and not wonder «I’m I knowledgeable enough about goth culture»? Wearing black is not a right, but a privilege, and one hardly gained. This book is maybe the best place to start.

If you know nothing, you will learn much. If you know it all, maybe you should write books to. If you bitch about how the book got it all wrong, well… I guess you are a true goth.

“A wickedly funny portrait of this community in black…If you’re the sort who gives out gifts on Hallow’s Eve, Encyclopedia Gothica is ideal for babybats and elder goths who’ll appreciate the wealth of reminders of the experiences that make up goth life.” —NOW Magazine (October 2011)

“We knew that we were going to like this book from the very first page. . . . Ladouceur is a rare gem of a commenter that has the ability not only to laugh at herself, but to be able to get you to laugh at yourself too.” —www.HoustonPress.com (October 2011)

“Ladouceur has compiled a thorough and amusing encyclopedia about all-things-Goth . . . Whether you want to read about Nosferatu, Goth Juice or mall Goths you’ll find brief and truly informative segments in Encyclopedia Gothica.” —www.AntiMusic.com

Encyclopedia Gothica, contrary to what you might think of goth culture, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just the opposite: Ladouceur’s humour is a welcome rarity in an oft-misunderstood subculture.” —(November 2011)

“For those who continue to fear Goths, this book is a powerful antidote. Despite their spiky, menacing exterior, Encyclopedia Gothica details a culture as harmless and geeky as your average Star Wars fanboy or Kiss Army foot soldier.” — (November 2011)

“Anyone who identifies as a Goth but wishes that people would stop asking what that means now has a book that they can point people to. Including illustrations from the talented Gary Pullin, Encyclopedia Gothica is the essential Goth reference whether you’re wondering who Sisters of Mercy are or what absinthe is (and why Marilyn Manson has his own brand of the green stuff).” —www.GeeksOfDoom.com


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