Semana Santa 2014

Semana Santa 2014: details and guide

From April 13-20 , 2014, the streets of Seville, and other Spanish cities including Malaga, will be filled with thousands of medieval robed and hooded figures, processing slowly behind swaying life-sized religious effigies, accompanied by the deep thud of drums and mournful wailing of trumpets. It might sound sinister, but Semana Santa (Holy Week) is an extraordinary, mesmerizing experience and constitutes one of Spain’s largest festivals.

The ancient, sombre celebration of Christ’s last days, reveals a mystical side of this vibrant city, especially at dusk, when candles are lit, and the processions take on a haunting, timeless feel. Up to a million visitors flock to Seville for the spectacle; the late-night processions on Thursday (April 17), la Madruga’ are unmissable.Semana Santa 2014: details and guideSemana Santa 2014: details and guide

Get a printed programme (weekly versions from hotels, shops and tourist information offices; more in-depth ones come with daily newspapers) showing facts, routes and timings, including colours of each cofradia’s robes and details about its history; websites such as feature images of cofradias’ churches and statues, as well as procession schedules.

In 2014, the Semana Santa (Holy Week) will take place from April 13-20, in Seville and other cities in Spain. Our local expert explains how to make the best of a visit – which are the best processions and the best places to see them from From April 13-20 […]

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