Gothic Rock The Ultimate Collection

Gothic rock is a boxed set that covers many musical styles, going from post punk to dark wave, cold wave and batcave.  I have quite a lot of compilation of music of this genre, but none can compete with this widely known compilation. If this massive horde of long gone bands cannot teach you anything, you are a walking goth encyclopedia.

The number of tracks is impressive by itself: 86 tracks, some of them hard to find, on 5 cds. The list of the covered bands is astounding. Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, The Cult, Christian Death, 1919, Sex Gang Children… you can go on and on, they are all there.

I discovered this compilation in a second hand disk store. I wish a website like Darkfinds would have existed at the time, because the brand new item, direct from Jungle Records, is less expensive than the two scratched cds set that I got at the time (and loved none the less). Under 15$, it’s a perfect gothy gift, a crown in any dark wave collection and certainly the best entry point to any new comer.

‘GOTHIC ROCK – the Ultimate Collection’ on ebay

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