Arcana XIII — As good, and dark, as it gets

I will not lie to you: I know this guy. I was there when he started is business, paying his metal selling newspaper in the street. Back then, he was already good, but never satisfied, always working to better is work.

I bought his crosses, pentacle, all kind of pendant. I made his first business card. I traded cross for vodka. I saw his buy new equipment. He showed me his new sketches. Hundred of sketches.

Gothic Bracelet with Swarovski, Dreidian Countess Bracelet

Dreidian Countess Bracelet

It was ten years ago. Now Arcana XIII is one of the very best of his trade. His hand made dark jewellery is stunningly beautiful. Dark and alternative models wears his art across the world.

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I still buy his stuff. I gave some magnificent necklaces to my girlfriend.

Pentagram bracelet with swarovski, Pagan bracelet, gothic jewelry, medieval jewelry, victorian jewelry, wicca bracelet, paganist, steampunk

Pagan bracelet

And a wonderful bracelet too. She gave me a great pentacle.

These are not Photoshop beauties, my friends. They are all as strikingly beautiful as you see them for real. This great depth of finely crafted details don’t make those marvels fragile. All Arcana XIII creations are metal solid, pure product of a master craftmanship.

He never raised his prices. I shouldn’t write about it — maybe he never realised that they are worth twice what he ask. That’s right: you can get his pure hand made, totally unique piece, some custom made, at the same price you would pay for some generic shit.

All is made by hand, so you know the piece you are wearing is unique. Don’t expect to cross someone with the same shiny as yours when you wear Arcana XIII. In some case, you can even ask for specific stones color!

Here is Aracana XIII Etsy shop

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